I started this blog as an ultimatum to myself. “You now have a blog that is taking up web space. There is no excuse to shirk off your writing until tomorrow. No reason to stop your fingers from racing across that keyboard and converting your thoughts into text.”

Don’t misunderstand me – there isn’t a whole lot to write. I haven’t yet accomplished much in life. However, I try, every second, to positively impact those around me. I am diving headfirst into a profession that is considered the most ungrateful of them all, in the hopes that I can initiate change. I don’t know if it is foolish to think that I can change something, make a difference, make people care a little … I don’t know yet that I can fail. I do not plan on finding this out. Ever. That’s not what this blog is about. We won’t be talking about the frailties of the heart. We won’t discuss the evil or the fantastical.

This blog is about the real things. It’s about that feeling you get when you are in the middle of the Amazon rain forest; like you’re nothing but a tiny speck of dust. It’s about realizing that parents are every bit as human as the rest of the world. It’s about finding the truest of friends in college, and 4 am talks that translate into 3 hours of sleep. It’s about having someone to hold your hand when you’re on a hospital bed, all drugged up and with a dislocated knee. It’s about the things that make life real; this living, breathing, tangible object that you get to mold into the shape that your heart desires.


I hope you’ll understand. I hope you’ll relate. Above all, I hope you will empathize.

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