Edge of Cambridge, and the rest of my life

When I set foot in Boston, approximately 4 years ago, I had no idea that I would be sitting here, on the edge of Cambridge, on my boyfriend’s bed, procrastinating my Saturday final and wondering how I could possibly be graduating in 15 days.

15 days. 1. 5. Fifteen.

When I first got to Bentley, I said yes to everything and talked to everyone. I was a child that was just learning her way around the norms of a society that was like her own and yet, the opposite. I tried hard. I smiled a lot. I did everything once. Now that we’re on the threshold of graduating into the real world, we have to be freshmen again. We have to figure out, on our own, which way we prefer walking up to the library. Are we tough enough for the Smith stairs, or will we lazily stroll up the hill and take the Jenison elevator to the third floor? Once we graduate, we have to make choices that will impact our lives more significantly than “Do I save my discresh and eat seasons, or do I save my intestines and walk up to Einsteins?” In the end, no matter what you chose, you ended up here and you ended up okay. Just remember that. In life, you’re going to make good choices, tough choices and sometimes, wrong choices but in the end, you will be okay. Seasons and Smith stairs never killed anyone. Seriously.

But we don’t have to talk about the rest of our lives as if it is going to be a hassle, a chore, a reading that we didn’t remember to do until midnight on Sunday. We can still be anything we want to be. We are not done preparing for our lives and I hope we never are. Because growing up means realizing that life is not a race, you don’t prepare and then, perform. Life is continuous. We learn and apply, learn and unlearn, learn again and make the right choice. We don’t have time to stay stuck in today.

I know you are on track to take your CPA but you’re 22, and should you change your mind tomorrow and want to study biology, I hope you will. I know you’ve studied numbers but your heart lies in politics and I hope that one day, you’ll run for something. You know you’ll have my vote. I know you want to travel, invent something, change the world or a piece of it. You should. Because you can. And if you’re like me and you don’t have that job, grad school or ideal career path laid out for you … then that’s okay, too. Graduating with those stable factors doesn’t define success. Your college GPA doesn’t define success. You define success for you. We live in a world where anyone can be anything, a little like Zootopia. So, I hope that you will be that bunny that doesn’t know when to quit.

We can’t let the infinite possibilities elude us. We are possibly the most positive, optimistic types of people out there: us, young graduates. We have the power to change the world because we are the only ones foolish enough to think we can. In our naiveté, lies our power.

So, here’s a toast of $6.99 Andres to all my fellow recent graduates out there. This is only the beginning.


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